Interim Reporting


The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee appreciates the work you are doing to improve the lives of seniors in Tennessee through the Serving Tennessee’s Seniors Grant Program.
We need a progress report containing what have you accomplished so far toward the goals and objectives stated and outlined in your grant application.





Aging Commission of the Mid-South$35,000 To develop online training platform for the management of volunteer transportation services in rural West the process of building an online learning system to teach rural communities how to set up ITNCOuntry programs which will provide volunteer transportation services for senior in rural areas. To date 2 of the 12 courses have been created and reviewed.106$15,275.00
Big Sandy Senior Citizens$3,500 To provide computers for the use of senior citizens at the center while attending computer classes offered.The Board has met and approved the bids for the purchase of the computers. Computers should be ordered soon.0
Brownsville-Haywood Co Senior Ctr.$10,000 To provide Food,Ensure, personal items,household items and meals to seniors 60 years old and older.Brownsville-Haywood Co Senior Center has provided 46 seniors with groceries ($50 pp), ten seniors were provided six cases of Ensure (60 cases total); a freezer was purchased to store meats and shelving installed for storage. Household and personal items were distributed to 50 seniors. Meals were served to 90 seniors.200$5,864.00
Chester County Senior Center$22,700 To provide quality computer technology class sessions and an updated computer lab to better serve our seniors in our county.This grant has given our Seniors an opportunity to gain basic computer skills by participating in classes at the Center. Seniors are gaining confidence as well as computer skills and will be given an oportunity to enroll in an advanced class. Seniors participating in the classes are also taking part in the nutriitional program, health classes, etc. The advancement we have made with enrollment overall at our center with this grant has given the county and community a feeling of pride in our center and our seniors.37$18,203.00
Children & Family Services, Inc.$15,000 To offer fitness, nutrition education for healthier eating and basic health screenings to get 50 seniors mobile for healthy aging.This grant has increased our opportunities to serve and reach seniors. We have had a number of Tipton County seniors who have heard through word of mouth about the program and others who saw our Facebook page. We became aware of transportation challenges and so we adjusted our efforts to take our senior program to local senior living facilities. We work with two senior living facilities in Covington twice a month to provide blood pressure checks, BMI and weight checks and provide exercise and nutrition education as well. 50% of our participants have shown decreased blood pressure; 75% have added fruit and vegetables to their daily intake; and 55% decreased their BMI by 1 numerical digit.25$4,558.00
Crockett County Office on Aging$51,000 To increase participation in Health and Fitness programs by offering transportation and high quality fitness equipment and programs.We have ordered the van but not received it yet (3/28/17). Our goal with this grant was to reach 90-100 seniors. Between 1/1/17 and 3/28/17 we have 117 participating in fitness. We will hold an Open house on 4/23 to invite the community to see the new space, new equipment and new van. The Chamber as well as the City Mayors and County Mayor and other elected officials will help with a ribbon cutting. Word of Mouth will spread but we will continue our outreach.117$9,616.00
Gibson County Office on Aging/Bradford Senior Center$7,068 To offer our senior citizens and senior citizens staff a commercial type dishwasher that washes and sanitizes so much faster.A commercial dishwasher was purchased to provide safer and more efficient cleaning and sanitizing of the dishes used for meal service. Since January, the Center has served 434 meals.58$6,590.00
Habitat for Humanity of Greater Memphis$250,000 To fill gaps in our aging in place program and to match funds committed for a senior roof program.The Aging in Place program of Habitat Memphis has completed five roof repairs with six under construction. Habitat is on-target to complete all future repairs.5$52,632.00
Memphis Area Legal Services, Inc.$25,000 To utilize attorneys and two law students to expand the organization's advocacy to seniors in rural communities.Memphis Legal Services plans to reach 12 seniors in three rural counties (Tipton, Fayette, and Lauderdale Counties). A total of 27 seniors have been reached on subjects such as social security benefits and identifying phone and mail scams. MLS also provided direct legal representation to 8 seniors.27
Meritan, Inc.$15,564 To introduce iPads and Android tablets to persons 60 years and older through Meritan's Senior Community Service Employment Program.Meritan's Digital Inclusion program was created to reduce the fear of using technology and gain independence. To date, ten seniors have learned to navigate, evaluate, and create digital content using a range of information and communication technologies. 209$10,625.00
MIFA (Metropolitan Inter-Faith Association)$73,263 To utilize technology to improve the meal delivery process and service provision to 3,200 seniors in Shelby County per year. MIFA has purchased new technologies to improve the Meals on Wheels feeding program. This equipment should eliminate hours of manual labor. Since January 2690 unduplicated senior clients, including 878 through congregate meals and 1812 through home-delivered meals.2690$58,655.00
Northwest TN Development District/Area Agency on Aging & Disability$60,000 To provide seniors services, durable medical equipment, pest control, and vision and dental care to increase quality of life.Their goal of poviding vision and dental srevices for 75 has been exceeded. The number served is 140 thus far. The program is on target for assessment of senior needs.217$6,216.00
Ridgely Senior Center$35,000 To purchase a new 10 passenger van for the Ridgely and Tiptonville Senior Centers in Lake County, TN.Ridgely Senior Center purchased a van for use by both Ridgely Center and the Tiptonville Senior Center. Both Centers provide meal delivery and congregate meals along with organized group outings.62$34,834.00
Service Over Self, Inc.$45,000 To utilize volunteers to provide critical home repairs for low-income seniors that they may age in place safely and comfortably.SOS has provided housing rehab/improvement to five homes in Memphis. Major services performed have been five complete roof replacements. Minor services performed have been to patch drywall for three homes, and demolished unused/structurally dangerous shed.5$7,815.00
Southwest Area Agency on Aging and Disability$25,000 To provide seniors in Southwest Tennessee a means of transportation utilizing volunteers.MyRide West TN is a volunteer transportation program for seniors. The program uses volunteer drivers to transport seniors to essential appointments. Ten media events have been completed and/or scheduled. Forty-two social media posts have been made to announce the program. Total persons reached through social media 3815. Plans are underway for the April launch of the rides.0$0.00
United Way of the Mid-South$17,424 To provide Free Income Tax Preparation services for and promote financial planning with an additional 250 senior citizens.At this point we have already met our target of serving an additional 250 seniors in the four county west Tennessee area. Our total is estimated to be at least 900. a change by the IRS to a different tax preparation software affected our ability to generate customized reports with demographic and tax savings but we are working to have this information to meet the final report criteria.911$14,017.00
West Madison Senior Center$9,600 To provide healthy and nutritious food for approximately 25 to 30 seniors daily for breakfast and lunch.The funds have helped purchase healthier foods to serve for breakfast and lunch, as well as add 75 additional chairs for the dining room. In three months, 1925 breakfasts, 1375 lunches, and 80 lunches to the community have been served in Hancock, TN. 60 $5,506.00
West Tennessee Legal Services, Inc.$15,300 To expand senior-friendly, senior-specific access to legal help via SeniorLAW website, enhanced with senior friendly printed instruction cards.Because of the nature of this project, statistical data will not become available until the website revamps and enhancements are completed and the videos embedded in the website is distributed. To date WTLS Equal Justice Works/AmeriCorps Elder Justice Fellow continues to make regular presentations for senior citizens throughout the 17 county service area to develop the groundwork for buy-in by seniors centers and librarians to promote untilization of the information once it is available on website. 0$0.00



Abe's Garden$100,000 To efficiently and cost-effectively increase dissemination of information and community-based programs related to the Abe's Garden model.In the submitted proposal, it was mentioned four (4) training videos on caregiver's tips to be completed with possible one or two more but 2 have been completed at the mid term report 1060$19,372.00
Access Services of Middle TN d/b/a Technology Access Center$58,000 To provide Seniors who have vision impairments with appropriate assistive technology devices that improve their independence in daily living activitiesFifteen seniors have been seen out of 20 at this point. Nine seniors have chosen their devices that have been delivered and trained to use. Six others have chosen but waiting on delivery and training.15$17,961.00
Alive Hospice$137,676 To increase and enhance our mission-based services for seniors such as charity hospice care, grief support, and end-of-life education. At this current time, no dollars have been spent but in three month a lease has been secured and construction has begun for a new facility in Hendersonville, TN, as well as in Lebannon, TN. No clients have been served at this point. 0$0.00
Baxter Senior Center$10,000 To help furnish kitchen, exercise room and office to serve additional persons in our community with our wellness program.Baxter Senior Center's facility renovation is nearing completion. Progress is being made toward the move into the new facilities. Center equipment has been purchased and ready for installation.100$2,218.96
Bethesda Community Mission Inc.$11,800 To upgrade our outdated computer systems with new hardware and software to improve our capacity. Our client database is online.The Mission purchased new computers and peripherals for the office. This new equipment will make processing clients more secure and efficient. To date 290 individuals in Houston Co have been provided emergency rent and utilities assistance.290$11,800.00
Bethlehem Centers of Nashville$6,300 To provide a comprehensive health, wellness and nutrition program for North Nashville Seniors.Bethlehem Centers enrolled 35 seniors in a nutrition and well program providing 105 bags of produce along with three teaching kitchens and one nutrition education seminar which show seniors how to prepare new recipes and eat healthy meals. All 35 seniors have completed their pre-health screenings and have participated in sixteen health and wellness activities. The program outcomes are on target.35$2,310.00
Cannon County Senior Center$5,000 To enhance technology to more effectively track daily attendance and participation in activities to measure outcomes and success rates.The use of the grant has been delayed. Diversified funding sources require different reporting, for example, the Senior Center's state and federal contract through Upper Cumberland Development District Area Agency requires reporting of specific services while United Way's grant requires reporting in all areas of services. Determiniing how to set-up an inclusive system to track all data and import information on over 1500 senior members has been challenging. The plan is to have this up and running by the end of this grant.0$0.00
Community Development Center$50,000 To create an accessible adaptive equipment loan program for seniors with medical needs.At this time there have not been any clients served through this program. The timeframe on the Grant Work Plan details that January 3, 2017 - May 15, 2017 is for purchasing equipment and the development of the loan process. Community outreach is set to begin on April 1, 2017 with the equipment becoming available to seniors at the same time.0$25,608.00
Council on Aging of Greater Nashville$39,048 To expand accessibility and awareness of the 2017-18 Directory of Services for Seniors and to re-engineer the online directory.The Directory of Servies is now at 15 new distribution sites in 6 counties (total: 670 directories); we have delivered 8,228 directories to the five regional public libraries in Middle Tennessee for local distribution; 22,00 directories have been deliverred to our sponsors. To date we have provided outreach to 173 individuals in Davidson, Sumner and Williamson. The design of our new online directory is complete and should go public mid May.9071$34,730.00
Cumberland Regional Development Corporation$23,964 To ensure food safety and expand the nutrition program to meet the growing demand for HDM and Congregate mealsThe equipment has been purchased to help feed seniors both their delivered meals and congregate meal service. Though no one has yet been served, the purchase of a new 4-well hot table will allow the Aging Congregate Nutrition Program to be expanded in Smithville with a focus on two low-income senior housing developments. The goal is to serve 25 seniors at the new site.0$23,964.00
Domestic Violence Program Inc.$29,772 To increase public awareness of elder-abuse and provide victims with direct services including safe-shelter, accompaniment and advocacy with other agencies. First three months of the project has focused on project advocacy to develop network of community and partner relationships and to strenghen outreach/education to engage seniors who would not seek asistance as individuals but as well to family members and caregivers.84$6,801.00
Elders First Adult Day Services Association dba Mindful Care$6,000 To incorporate Community field-trips and Arts programming for 12 memory-impaired Elders while providing Caregiver Respite, Staff Training/Development, and Community Education. The project is addressing ways to improve long term care services and supports for the condition of dementia for seniors in Rutherford County through field trips in the community for life enrichment, weekly arts motivation activities, and to assist staff in the Firstaid/CPR/AED preparedness. 13$2,792.00
Faith Family Medical Center$82,297 To offer medical exams, recommended screenings, nutrition/wellness counseling, mental health services, and shingles vaccines to 150 low-income patients aged 60+.To date, 172 seniors have been seen in the clinic of which 74 have attended 3 of the 6 planned Senior Days in the clinic on recommended screenings and exams. Fifty seniors have scheduled colonoscopies amd 45 have scheduled mammograms. Three more Senior Days are scheduled for the clinic before the end of the grant period. 172$43,700.00
FiftyForward$155,615 To enhance and expand direct services for older adults across the agency's continuum of care in its programs and centers.On track to reach its grant goals as targeted with 36 seniors served in the Adult Day Care service program, 85 seniors have been served hot meals by volunteer weekday meal program, and 66 new seniors have been served in the FiftyForward Living at Home and Victory over Crime care management program. 184$55,481.00
First Baptist Winchester Community Development Cor$10,000 To increase our senior feeding program to three meals per week.On target to serve hearty, healthy meals to combat hunger while providing social contact to disabled seniors in the Gallatin, TN area. Beside the meals served, other food items have been added such as dairy, fresh fruit, juices, and healthy snacks. 26$4,387.00
Folks at Home$32,148 To improve organizational capacity and infrastructure, create and expand programs, and finalize the creation of our first strategic plan.To date, a temporary full time Project Coordinator has been hired to implement grant details in programs such as BYBAM-Boost your Brain and Memory program, TleVisit Program, and F@H Ambassador program. 82$5,234.00
Gallatin CARES$5,749 To develop and implement a food pantry delivery program for food-insecure seniors living in Gallatin.Gallatin CARES has provided senior-friendly food to 400 participants. Repairs were made to the Center's delivery truck and Client Tracker software has been purchased to help track clients to better serve them.400$576.15
Good Samaritan Ministires of Franklin County$9,000 To help senior clients by adding an additional resource to pay winter utility bills.Utility assistance, electric, gas as well as fire wood was provided to 41 clients who were in need of help during the harsh winter months. 41$9,000.00
Greater Faith Community Action Corporation$35,000 To provide transportation services to seniors to receive food and other services from The Master's Table Soup Kitchen.With the purchase of two vans, Greater Faith CAC has been able to double its transport capacity, increase efficiency and reduce time for transports and deliveries, and allow sharing between other programs to reach a larger population.11$35,000.00
Greater Nashville Regional Council$183,000 To provide technology improvements and ERP demonstration program.Three critical home repairs have been completed. However, through the Emergency Repair Program GNRC has been able to repair fourteen houses. There are eight homes scheduled for inspections and bids and fifteen more are expected to receive home repairs for a total of 23 houses awaiting repairs. Demographics are only on the homes with completed repairs.3$6,188.30
Helping Hands of Putnam County$3,000 To provide seniors with supplemental nutrition.Helping Hands has provided 171 seniors with 1000 bottles of Ensure as well as 684 pounds of food. Seniors are also eligible to receive assistance with utilities, prescription, rent and gas. Helping Hands in on target for completion.171$1,615.00
Hope Family Health$10,500 To identify care gaps in seniors and create care plans that can be shared between providersHope Family Health has provided staff training to aid in more efficient, preventative health care services to its patients. Hope has provided 426 medical visits for 305 seniors, as well as 24 mental health visits for 19 senioirs. The improved systems help to identify needed interventions and preventative care.305$4,000.00
Interfaith Dental Clinic$85,000 To expand dental services to better serve vulnerable and fragile seniors by placing Senior Care Coordinators to remove barriers.33 seniors have viewed oral health presentations, received counseling on diet, oral cancer prevention, smoking cessation and cavity and gum disease. These patients have also developed a personalized treatment plan. 76 seniors have been treated for emergent dental pain and suffering. 101 seniors have become free of tartar and plaque by having their teeth cleaned.220$22,791.00
Matthew Walker Comprehensive Health Center, Inc.$37,500 To assist senior patients access diabetic and hypertension medication and oral health services.Matthew Walker's primary purpose for this program was to reduce the barriers to medication and oral health services for patients with hypertension and diabetes. To date 85 patients have received medication.85$3,137.00
Maury County Senior Citizens Center$6,000 To provide a Senior Emergency Assistance ProgramThe Emergency Assistance Program has provided home repairs for 4 homeowners, dental assistance to 2 clients, and supplemental nutritional drinks to 10 clients.16$2,637.00
Meharry Medical College$75,000 To provide health services to economically poor and underserved seniors. Improve clinical geriatrics knowledge base of students in health professions.Meharry's program was two-fold. Students and healthcare professionals were provided with training in geriatrics. An oral health clinic provided 93 seniors with screenings: 3 cleanings, 36 fillings, 137 extractions, 13 conventional dentures, 7 immediate dentures, and 13 removable partial dentures.93$34,979.50
Mental Health America of Middle Tennessee$14,200 To provide caregiver support services to Middle Tennessee residents, who's loved ones suffer from Alzheimer and Dementia related disorders. Mental Health America has reached 185 individuals in eight Middle Tennessee counties providing educational services to caregivers of loved ones suffering from Alzheimer's and dementia related disorders.185$7,201.00
Mid-Cumberland Human Resource Agency$87,500 To provide Home and Community Based Services though direct care and meal service empowers seniors to live safely and independently at home.MCHRA has invested in technologies to reduce the time it takes to provide seniors with needed care and referrals.3190$50,028.00
Mount Juliet Senior Activity Center$63,700 To support the Senior Social Engagement Activities program promoting social connectedness which results in a happier and healthier Senior.Mt. Juliet Sr Center has purchased a second van for transportation to events and day trips, which has increased requests for volunteer drivers. Kitche upgrades are also in progress with replacement chairs and tables and other equipment to arrive soon. The exercise program has benefitted from the improved, new chairs allowing for greater range of motion for seniors during classes.616$59,202.00
Nashville General Hospital$106,743 To offer consistent health care screening, influenza and pneumonia vaccinations to senior adults in the North Nashville community.Thus far, few patients have been seen outside the hospital due to staffing constraints but through the clinics they have administered a total of 1345 influenza and pneumonia vaccinations1345$106,743.00
Petersburg Senior Citizens$37,691 To make the senior center building safer and more comfortable for our seniors.The renovations of floors, tiles, and lighting have been made at the Petersburg Senior Center. One room that was ususable has now been made into a classroom where exercise programs and future craft classes will be held.38$37,691.00
Portland C.A.R.E.S.$8,400 To provide paper products, personal hygiene and cleaning supplies to supplement Senior Adults meeting poverty guidelines.The Senior Adult Care package program has added 34 seniors. The Package Program includes paper products, personal hygiene items and cleaning supplies. Seven additional clients are pending. A total of 91 individuals have received care packages with up to 19-22 items per package.91$4,200.00
Progress, Inc.$20,000 To offer approximately 2,000 hours of additional in-home care to low and moderate income seniors through subsidies during wait periods. Progress has provide in-home care services to 6 individuals with the grant funds. However, some 46 individuals have received services such as: household chores, food preparation, laundry, essential errands, other householf tasks, bathing, skin care, oral hygiene, toileting, ambulation, grooming, dressing, nail care, feedng, transferring, caring for other physical needs, safety monitoring, assisting with self adminisration of medication, ADL skill development and others.6$5,044.25
Prospect, Inc.$9,650 To provide one day of community activities or one day of classes/instruction regarding hobbies for ten seniors each week.Prospect serves adults with developmental or intellectual disabilities. Funding has been used to provide activities and hobby kits for 26 adults. Some of the kits were quiltmaking, models, weaving, and sewing. Seniors have also been able to host talent shows and karaoke.26$749.63
Putnam County Senior Citizens$49,388 To offer an accessible travel option for senior citizens to enhance physical and mental wellbeing.The new van purchased by Putnam Co Sr Center has provided much need day excursions, culture, and fellowship. The seniors have made trips to Cumberland State Park, Cumberland Co Playhouse, Chattanooga Aquarium, I-Max Theater, Unclaimed Baggage Mall, Fiddlers Grove Historic Village. Staff noticed that the van has allowed the seniors to be "silly with one another". 133$49,388.00
Rebuilding Together Nashville$28,000 To purchase needed tools and equipment to support our program which serves low-income seniors in need of critical home repairs.Rebuilding Together has been able to purchase two custom, on-site tool trailers with needed, new equipment, tools, supplies and tablets. This equipment will have to improve the proficiency of initial home assessement processes of the home repair program. Currently there are six clients in process for home repairs with two others pending.8$8,074.00
Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee$82,263 To extend hunger relief to 445 more seniors with food distribution, agency freezers and fundraising to sustain the effort.Second Harvest has work through area nonprofits to provide 535 low-income seniors with supplemental Senior Nutrition Boxes plus frozen meals. Seniors received one food box per month plus two frozen meals per week.535$38,841.00
Shade Tree Clinic$12,339 To decrease preventable diseases in senior patients by augmenting the vaccines the clinic can administer.The Vaccination program at Shade Tree has innoculated 63 patients with 30 Tdap vaccines, 5 PPSV23 vaccines, 29 PCV13 vaccines. Thirty percent of the senior patients are now fully up to date on vaccinations. The Clinic should reach its goal by the end of the grant period.63$9,173.00
Siloam Family Heatlh Center$25,000 To provide 165 low-cost, high-quality, whole-person health care visits to vulnerable seniors in Middle Tennessee Siloam has provided 429 low-cost healthcare visits, far exceeding the goal of 165 visits as planned. Siloam has tracked and monitored 210 seniors with ailments such as diabetes, hypertension, depression and back pain showing a dramatic improvement in the conditions. Twelve offsite visits were coordinated for cardiologists, ophthalmologists, diagnostic testing such as ultrasounds and CT scans.210$25,000.00
Smith County Help Center$5,000 To provide minor maintenance and household repairs on housing for seniors that can not afford or unable to maintain upkeep.The Help Center has set up a new initiative, Independent Living for Seniors that will perform repairs which allow seniors to stay at home longer. To date, one client has been served. More seniors will be reached this Spring.2$400.00
Smyrna Senior Citizens Center$100,000 To provide more space for programs and services to new members of the Senior Center, benefiting 200 additional members.The Smyrna Center is very active and desperately in need of more space for classes. The Center has made renovations to expand classrooms, add new ramps and other ADA compliant fixtures.369$85,685.00
South Central Family Center$3,500 To offer volunteer opportunities for senior citizens and in exchange will pay a portion of their rent or utilitiesThe Family Center created a program where seniors could volunteer 10 hours at its thrift store in exchange for $50 stipend toward rent and utilities. Five participants have taken advantage of this program to date.5
South Central Human Resource Agency$38,000 To provide a nutritious meal to ten participants currently on a waiting list and safer/more efficient transportation of meals.South Central HRA has purchased a new van to increase meal delivery service to ten additional clients. To date, they have served 13 clients, 344 meals have been delivered (430 lb nutritional foods, 344 piees of whole grain wheat breads, and 172 lb of dairy products).13$1,823.00
South Central Tennessee Development District$130,000 To provide a mobile dental clinic and dental services to seniors in each of SCTDD's 13 counties.SCTDD has created a dental clinic for seniors with no dental insurance and cannot afford the dental care. A total of 141 seniors have received dental care. The work performed included 31 extractions, 25 denture relines, 31 fillings, 54 cleanings, exams and X-rays.141$35,250.00
St. Clair Senior Center$8,000 To install a Hearing Loop system to enhance the ability for seniors with hearing aids to hear speakers and programs.A Hearing Loop system has been installed to aid seniors with hearing loss the ability to hear during activities and meetings at the Center. Staff training on the equipment is scheduled for mid-April.0$7,999.00
St. Luke's Community House$34,185 To enhance senior services through advanced training, technology implementation, facility improvements and demographic research unique to West NashvilleSt. Luke's project is to enhance senior services through technology and facility improvements suchas a new database to track services and identify unmet needs, purchase new computers, update the Center by making it safer and ADA compliant.97$23,481.00
Tennessee Respite Coalition$26,000 To equip 15 Senior Companion volunteers to provide Music and Memory services (Davidson County) Serve 20 caregivers with respite vouchers (statewide).Since January 19 of the 20 slots for caregivers have been assigned. Seven of those 19 caregivers have used some or al of their funds and have used a total of 325 hours of respite.7$7,644.00
Tennessee Senior Olympics, Inc.$12,500 To upgrade and enhance our technology to better serve the seniors, ten district coordinators around TN, and Senior Olympics staff.This technology upgrade is aleady affecting every athlete served. This is not yet fully functional but they are well on their way to having this up and running by June 1 in advance of their first event starting June 19.1500$4,134.00
The Ark Community Resource and Assistance Center$45,000 To improve the parking area and to update the handicapped-accessible entrances/exits to the building for seniors and disabled clients.We now provide a safe entrance and exit from our building. All the entrances are now handicap accessible.206$45,000.00
The Caregiver Relief Program of Bedford County$30,000 To underwrite & extend respite reimbursement services & education to our community & families of seniors dealing with Alzheimer's disease.We have expanded our family respite reimbursement and have assisted 10 families/month in the first 3 months of this grant. We have also begun our expansion into Davidson County and trained up our staff in preparation.51$6,225.00
The J. D. Lewis Senior Citizens Center of Houston Co., Inc.$25,400 To repair/recover the deteriorated parking lot that our seniors use to enter and exit the facility.We are repairing the deteriorated parking lot that has beeen in poor shape for many years and will help those who use wheelchairs, canes, walkers and those who can still walk on their own. Paving requires a certain temperature outside. We are on the paving company's schedule and are waiting for the asphalt company to reopen. The work will be completed before the grant deadline.105$0.00
The Nashville Food Project$5,000 To share nutritious meals with under-served seniors, improving well-being, reducing social isolation, and cultivating community over a shared meal. This grant has provided the 60 senior residents of the John Glen and Peggy Ann Alsup Residential Centers and the 50 senior residents of Vine Hill towers with a weekly, hot, nutritious meal. Since January, TNFP has served more than 730 veggie-filled, nourishing meals to the residents.730$5,000.00
The Salvation Army Nashville Area Command$45,000 The Center of Hope provides support, wrap around case management and a life long impact on our Senior Citizens This grant has allowed us to take on more clients and have a higher percentage of Seniors being able to move out of transitional housing successfully by helping them find employment, work for upward mobility in their jobs, payoff debt and face their own barriers. 167$40,976.00
The Senior Center at Ashland City$18,000 To provide adequate equipment to assist in the execution of services and programs for 900 plus senior members.We have purchased the refrigerator, dishwasher, and double oven range. The slsitchen equipment has helped our Meals on Wheels disstribution and our conregate dining We have purchased the stacking chairs and the Spanish class was very excited the first day they ame to class and saw the sturdy chairs. Total meals delivered since 1/1/17 is 2035; total congregate meals since 1/1/17 is 3120.993$9,147.00
Van Buren County Senior Center$59,100 To provide travel opportunities for seldom-traveled and isolated seniors.Our goal is to be able to provide daily transportation for the seniors to the Center, to help with Medical, Dental, Grocery shopping and to have recreational trips. The bus we purchased with this grant has already alloed us to take a couple of trips a month. we are excited, as the warmer weather approaches to take even more and are grateful that the county has, thus far, helped with our fuel needs.26$59,100.00
Westminster Home Connection$183,000 To repair 60 homes of seniors in nine counties; infrastructure improvements will increase annual program capacity by 60 homesTo date, 31 homes in 15 zip codes areas of Davidson, Rutherford, and Williamson counties have been completed with an additional 22 homes underway in Hickman, Maury, and Robertson counties as well as streamlining the workflow, statistical processes, financial reporting, and developing a tool to document and evaluate outcomes. 33$105,301.00
YMCA of Middle Tennessee$26,338 To offer enhanced healthy living services to the more than 2,000 Seniors who attend Northwest Family YMCA.The purpose of this new program was to offer enhanced healthy living services. The comments to date from this initial class have included improved health reports, weight loss, more mobility and deep appreciation for the fact that this age group is the focus of this program. During the 6-week challenge we offered the 32 participants six total lunch and learns which featured a nutritionist, physical therapist and discussions of the aging process and preventing/managing chronic disease. The program has a waiting list.32$16,108.00



Alzheimer's Tennessee$30,000 To offer a flexible on-line and classroom Caregiver Academy to educate and support family caregivers across the state of Tennessee.Currently but not completed as this time, a new friendly Caregiver Academy website to equip caregivers the tools needed to be an effective caregiver. 0$4,307.00
Bledsoe County Senior Citizens Center$29,000 To improve and update the senior center's dining, kitchen and general areas for the enjoyment and safety of our daily senior clients.The Bledsoe Senior Center has installed new, safer kitchen and dining room equipment. To date there has been an increase in the number of seniors attending the congregate meals with others expressing an interest to participate later this Spring. Because of this grant, The Center was able to receive county government funding of $4500.732$24,357.00
Blount County Community Action Agency$38,600 To recruit & traing 22 additional SMiles volunteer drivers and reduce the number of seniors waiting for transportationTo date, Blount Co CAA has been able to provide 1263 trips for SMiles members, recruited and trained five new volunteer drivers, and trained thirteen people on how to use social media to promote SMiles. Four training classes have been held with five more scheduled.167$20,209.00
Campbell County Office on Aging-ETHRA$38,000 To improve the quality of life for the seniors age 60 and over in my county.This Grant has allowed Campbell Co Office on Aging to serve every client on the waiting list. Nineteen clients received assistance with rent/utility emergencies; seven clients with glasses/hearing aids; ten clients with food/nutrition; two clients with handicap ramps; eighteen clients with household support; three clients with dentures; and have purchased twelve 911 emergency alert buttons.59$21,879.00
Chattanooga Area Food Bank$75,000 To provide quality foods that meet the dietary restrictions of seniors struggling with hunger in southeast Tennessee.During the first three months we have: supported 4,158 seniors with 56,607 pounds of food and 47,172 meals delivered through the Senior Mobile Pantry Program; hired a staff person to set evaluation and continued growth for the program; and established partnerships with senior centeres in Bledsoe, Bradley and Sequatchie Counties and plan to make 2 drops per site in the remaining three months.4158$26,419.00
Claiborne County Office on Aging/ETHRA$35,200 To expand volunteer assisted transportation program for seniors to include accessible transportation and add Knoxville area destinations for medical appointments.Our van was delievered on March 30 so we haven't had he opportunity to use it yet, however we have begun Knoxville transport with volunteers because we have so many clients who need this transportation. We have also added another "out of town" area to our transport destination, Morristown, since our clients have so many medical appointments there. This grant support has been invaluable.11$27,814.00
Clinch River Home Health, Inc.$30,000 To offer no cost medical alert systems to senior patients that live alone.We have identified 25-30 current patients so far that are in need of this assistance. We have ordered 150 units so we could get more advantageous pricing. The units were delivered last week (March 15, 2017) we have already placed two.1$26,502.00
Clinchfield Senior Adult Center$14,500 To update technology through implementation of a data and participant tracking system, new staff computers and new computer lab computers.The staff computers, monitors, accessories, router, software, virus protection, maintenance and installation and on-site cloud were purchased and installed and have been in use since February 17, 2017. All membership data has been entered into the MySeniorCenter system as of March 9, 2017, staff training has concluded. Volunteer training will be complete March 31 and the program will kickoff to participants on Monday April 3, 2017. 369$13,544.00
Cocke County Council on Aging$20,000 To mobilize a network of volunteers who offer door-through-door flexible one-way and round-trip transportation for shopping, doctors' appointments, recreation, etc.We have made great progress and are now ready to recruit volunteers and participants. We have secured a phone, space for applications and a mailing address. Our goal is to increase our riders to 20 at the end of June and our number of drivers to a minimum of 30 by the end of June as well.5$4,999.00
CFRS Meals on Wheels, Inc. (Colonial Heights, Fordtown, Rock Springs, Sullivan Gardens)$7,000 To utilize volunteers to prepare and deliver nutritious meals on weekdays to disabled seniors while providing welfare checks.While our program is primarily a feeding program we also support Independent Living and Senior Services. Thanks to this grant and its timing which coincided with an unexpected downturn in the amount of food available from USDA and food bank sources (described as being due to fewer donations and increased demand in our area). We have delivered 3906 meals to an average of 62 recipients per weekday. we missed two days because of hazardous driving conditions but those two days were covered by the emergency food kits funded by this grant, thankfully. And we had 315 volunteer delivery days. Each day these volunteer drivers covered abut 118 miles.65$3,409.00
Elizabethton Senior Center$4,000 To improve and update our fitness room by purchasing equipment and installing slip-proof mats on the floor.Nu-Step fitness equipment was purchased for the Fitness Room. Since placement of this piece of equipment, the Center has seen an increase in use of the Fitness Room by older seniors (80 yrs+). While there isn't a large increase in numbers using the ro9om, there are more participants using the Fitness Room that are using the Nu-Step along with the other equipment, which improves the seniors' workouts.491$3,739.00
ETHRA / East Tennessee Area Agency on Aging and Disability$101,000 To improve access to meals and donated food for seniors who don't have access to adequate nutrition and at nutrition risk.In the first three months the grant has allowed an upgrade to much needed equipment, leading to more efficient storage and transport of food to seniors in 16 counties of East TN. Items such as 98 food carriers, 160 microwaves, 5 commerical freezers for 5 central kitchen locations, a cargo van and securing bids for frozen nutritional meals for seniors. 0$44,121.00
First Tennessee Development District Area Agency on Aging and Disability$191,500 To perform minor home repairs and modifications for 60 low-income senior households in the eight-county area of Northeast Tennessee.To date, 40 seniors have been assisted with safe home repairs such as 22 wheelchair ramps, 4 roof repairs or replacements, 7 bathroom enhancements, 5 floor repairs, 2 repairs as step replacements, and weatherization home projects. 40$121,847.00
First Tennessee Human Resource Agency Nutrition Program$86,000 To purchase equipment and replace aging equipment that will allow our program to continue to serve nutritious meals to seniors.The purchase of a new hot/cold van/truck has been ordered and waiting on delivery by the middle of May which will provide the capibilites to deliver and ensure safe and proper food temperature meals to seniors in the Northeast TN region of Hancock county.2727$56,428.00
Johnson County Senior Center$1,865 To improve needed kitchen equipment for meal service, health & wellness activities, and other social opportunitiesJohnson Co Senior Center purchased an ice machine which has improved meal prep time, as well as daily activities. This machine has eliminated the need for volunteers to haul ice from neighbors, bringing coolers, or even going to the local grocers. 411$1,865.00
Jonesborough Senior Center$24,469 To enable the senior center to purchase a sound system, accoustic panels, and further the story sharing initative.Storytelling is the cornerstone of Jonesborough, TN. In order to tell stories, you must be able to hear the stories. The Center has purchased a new sound system and acoustic panels to improve the quality of sound. Also, the Center has begun to collect and record 50-75 life stories of seniors in the area for a future storytelling initative.1600$2,605.95
Kingsport Senior Center$75,000 To provide technology both in devices and training to be used in senior care-giving, distance learning/wellness,and entrepreneurial endeavors. The technology and training classes for seniors have been successful. Seniors are learning new how to use iPads, the Square, android and iPhones as well as how to make additional income learning to see products on Esty. All the classes, to date, have been full and well received.3826$41,498.00
Knoxville-Knox County Office on Aging$25,000 To remove 100 clients from our denture waiting list.Knoxville-Knox Co Office on Aging had 102 seniors in critical need of dentures. Of that number, 58 low-income seniors over the age of 60 received dentures. Another 22 have been referred to Special Need Plans through insurance and 23 clients became inactive due to relocation, services no longer needed, or death. KOA will continue to provide dentures to other clients as requested.58$2,231.00
Legal Aid of East Tennessee$25,000 To educate seniors about legal issues while providing them a tool to assess their legal problems and consult with attorney.To date, five legal educational presentations and legal checkup tool sessions have been held in seniors centers for seniors and local attorneys. 136$3,156.00
Meals on Wheels of Kingsport, Inc.$83,000 To provide home-delivered noon-time meals to isolated / incapacitated senior citizensMeals on Wheels delivered an average of 216 meals daily. As of March approximately 14,040 meals had been delivered. In addition to the meals, MOW also provide "snow bags", which are non-perishable food items such as peanut butter, crackers, cereal, fruit, etc in advance of possible inclement weather.216$49,108.00
Mid-East Community Action Agency$50,000 To provide nutritious food to home-bound seniors with limited access to food in the Southern Appalachian region.MECAA has ordered a heated/refrigerated vehicle that will be used to reach clients in food desert areas of Roane and Loudon Counties. Five new volunteer deliverers have been trained with an additional seven to train and twelve seniors have been added to the Loudon County food delivery route. In Roane County, two new volunteers are being trained. Approximately 143 clients have been educated about food safety to prevent food bourne illnesses. And finally 31 outreach visits have been conducted.31$0.00
Monroe County Senior Citizens and Friends, Inc.$52,700 To build long-lasting organizational capacity with both facility and technology upgrades and additions to serve seniors for years to come.Monroe Senior Center has installed software and equipment to better track clients who participate in Center activities. Renovations are progressing on the bathroom and floors. Supplies have been purchased for the new health promotion activities across the county. Two classes have been held and two other health classes are scheduled.127$8,282.00
Monroe County United Way Fund, Inc.$37,000 To help the elderly and disabled remain in their own homes and independent.The United Way provides home repairs for seniors to continue to live independently in their homes. To date, United Way have replaced duct work and septic tanks; replaced broken windows, replaced cave-in floors, installed step-in showers, assisted with utilities, and installed new porch railings, steps, doors, locks and knobs.9$3,986.00
Morgan Scott Project$101,000 To expand services of home repairs for all seniors on our waiting list.The home repair program is well underway at the Morgan Scott Project. Twenty projects have been completed, three are in progress, and others have been identified. The repairs that have been done are building handicap ramps, replacing HVAC units, floor repairs, new wiring, replacing siding and/or roofing, bathroom upgrades and septic system repairs. 23$61,755.00
Mountain Region Speech and Hearing Center$37,014 To acquire funding for new audiological testing equipment and to fund 10 hearing aids and repairs through our assistance program.MRSHC has acquire new audiological testing equipment that has been used in 46 evaluations. Four hearing aid devices have been provided to two clients. Replacement assistive hearing devices and/or repairs to devices have been provided to four patients.6$25,874.00
Rhea Richland Senior Neighbors$58,000 To purchase a new van for the center to provide safe and reliable transportation for seniors.A new van was purchased for use at the Rhea Richland Senior Ctr. The Center has been able to deliver commodities to twenty-five seniors in the community as well as take three day trips with the seniors.125$57,290.00
Rogersville Senior Citizns Center$35,000 To provide senior citizens with transportation services for medical and personal appointments.Rogersville Senior Center purchased a new van for outings, bill paying, doctor appointments, grocery shopping, and day trips.48$35,000.00
Scott County Senior Citizens and Friends$14,500 To increase the quality of meals served; obtain computer and software to track meals served and inventory.The Senior Center has provided 28 seniors with improved meals and meal enhancements, and other food supplies along with daily contact and companionship. Also, the Center has improved its ordering and inventory tracking with new computers and tablet. Participants have expressed thanks for the improved daily meals and companionship.28$10,897.00
Second Harvest Food Bank of Northeast Tennessee$35,000 To expand the Senior Grocery Delivery program to provide more rural seniors with food.The Food Bank has been able to expand the Senior Grocery Delivery program with a new van. Some 243 seniors have been reached since inception. Fifteen sites have delivered 52,065 meals at 15 sites.740$34,500.00
Senior Center of Campbell County$5,000 To install safety equipment and features at the senior center facility.The Senior Center has renovated and installed safety features. The Center has new floors in the bathrooms and kitchen, new lighting exhaust fans and other items for the restrooms; drainage issue repairs; painting of the interior, and professionally cleaning carpets. These improvements have seen an increase in participation at the monthly health education programs, exercise programs, recreation, dance parties, and volunteering.150$4,450.00
Senior Citizens Home Assistance Service, Inc. (SCHAS)$77,167 To offer basic orientation to new caregivers; continuing education for current caregivers; and CNA certification for senior level caregivers.In an effort to hire and retain talented caregivers, SCHAS is providing opportunities for caregivers to grow professionally. The Center has conducted six basic orientation courses, two continuing education courses in dementia and Alzheimer's; and four continuing education courses for chronic disease. The CNA certification is pending.86$37,690.00
Southeast Tennessee Development District$180,000 To perform essential home repairs to enable seniors to age in place in their current homes.Essential home repairs allow seniors to remain at home longer. To date, 31 seniors have had repairs to their homes such as bathroom makeovers, new roofing, and wheelchair ramps. Additional clients are scheduled for service.22$33,713.00
The Alzheimer's Regional Resource Center, Inc.$5,300 To grow the resources provided, training classes taught, and support groups given to caregivers of seniors with Alzheimer's/dementia.One scheduled workshop has been completed and served 3 caegivers. There are two workshops scheduled for May and they believe they will meet their stated goal of educating and assisting 45 caregivers caring for folks with Alzehimers and/or dementia.3$4,000.00
Whitwell Senior Center$54,000 To offer transportation to seniors to center, to doctors, to grocery, to mall, to outings, to be living againA red color ADA Paratransit Van has been ordered from the Mobility Transportation services equiped with optional doorway and wheelchair left with QRT deluxe tiedowns with shoulder harness. The estimate time of delivery the first week of May 2017.0$0.00

Serving Tennessee's Seniors is administered by The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee at the request of the Chancery Court